The Framework can be used to develop single and multiple sites within the client’s ownership for a variety of uses including residential housing, education facilities, residential care homes, civic buildings, office and retail.  Using the Framework means:

  • Development finance is secured
  • Development risk is taken away
  • Planning permission will be obtained
  • The supply chain will be effectively managed
  • Any required demolition, site remediation and enabling works will be dealt with
  • Projects will be effectively managed on site
  • Surplus sites will be developed to benefit the locality

The Framework can be accessed by all public bodies and charitable organisations within the boundary of the UK.

Download the detailed Client Guide here

Call off process

A call off contract will be awarded using either a mini competition or a direct call off (through negotiation) – see below.  The call off process will commence with an Expression of Interest.  NPS Group anticipate tender lists for a call off through mini competition to comprise all Framework Members.
Call Off Process