Benefits of using the Framework

The outline benefits of the SID Framework include:

  • To have a national social infrastructure development and construction framework available to the public and charitable sectors
  • To increase the value to be derived from surplus public assets
  • Faster procurement through mini competitions
  • Access to a collaborative, innovative, integrated working framework environment
  • Provision of scarce construction procurement resource
  • Improved certainty of quality, cost and time
  • Reduced procurement risk
  • Access to capability and capacity where it currently may not exist

Positive community outcomes

The appointed Framework constructors are committed to delivering social and economic benefits and positive outcomes for local communities in a number of ways:

    1. Working with Clients to develop a vision for a project that, by virtue of the scope of the project and the nature of the asset being developed, will deliver social benefit and outcomes.

      For example, the development of education facilities that in turn will deliver new school places, or the development of extra care housing that will support vulnerable adults to remain independent in their own homes.
    2. Through the development process itself.

      By facilitating local sourcing, skills training and employment to design, build and construct schemes.
    3. By delivering wider community benefits once the project is complete.

      For example, reinvesting surpluses into further schemes that deliver a social dividend and may not otherwise be delivered due to funding constraints, or by using surpluses to support the creation of social enterprise organisations or growth in the voluntary and community sector; or by supporting charitable initiatives.